Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maybe some Men NEED a bit of "Domestication"

In his latest travesty, Stanton Audemars, notorious creator of Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love has explained that his kidnapping/rape video game is not, as it turns out, about kidnapping and rape. Oh no. Apparently, it is actually about challenging the "feminist endorsed" version of love. This version of love, as Mr. Audemars explains, is monogamist, not possessive, and also involves limiting some kind of wild male spirit. This laughable travesty of an article can be seen at

Well boo-fucking-hoo. Poor men. They can't go around having ten wives, actually have to respect the wishes and feelings of their significant others, and have to live a "domesticated" life. It breaks your heart.

Let me explain something to Mr. Audemars, and the millions of men who feel that men have some kind of God-given right to live some wild free orgiastic lifestyle free of "domestication." Women have been facing "domestication for" centuries. While men went around doing whatever they wanted, whoever they wanted, women were limited in every possible way. Every way. And you have the audacity to say that "domestication" of the male spirit is unfair? Fuck you. I think that men could use a little domestication.

Even now, it's more socially acceptable for men to cheat than for women to. Even now, women in marriages are expected to constrain their own desires, career or otherwise, far more than men are. There is an imbalance, and if the "official" love that Mr. Audemars so protests happens to constrain men a little bit, then I have to say that I am a fan of that "official" love.